Issues that need to be included in this game.

Posted on Sunday, June 22, 2008
 I have been noticing that there are some issues in this game that are completely missing here are a few which could quickly be added.

  • The Military Industrial Complex -- ( Both Ron Paul and Mike Gravel, have talked about weaken its influence in our government.)

  • Corporate Influence in Politics -- (Several candidates have addressed this issue.)

  • Fair Tax -- ( Mike Gravel has made this one of his primary goals in his campagin.)

  • Income Tax Reform -- (Many candidates have spoken about this extensively. This could be a another issue that is related somewhat to the Fair Tax plan Mike Gravel has.)

  • Strengthing America's relation around the world -- ( Again numerous candidates have talked about this.)

  • Government Secrecy -- (Many Candidates have talked about making government more transparant to people.)

These are some of the issues that are missing in the game that I have noticed. Many of them are also very important.

If you have any issues you think Stardock missed out of importance, please post.