The Political Machine 2016 v1.2 - Available Now

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

v1.2 Brings Ranked Multiplayer Matchmaking, Election Simulation Mode and a New Campaign Event

Enjoy spectating two candidates of your choice battling it out, match up against other players of your skill level
online, and test your wits against a new event in v1.2.

Ranked Multiplayer Matchmaking
Looking for someone to play? The new matchmaking system will pair you with someone of similar skill. Your rank increases as you win and you'll be matched with more challenging opponents.
Election Simulation Mode
Hillary or Trump? Sanders or Johnson? If you want to really know who is the better candidate enable "simulation" and watch them battle it out.
v1.2 also brings the new "Brexit" event. How will you respond to an issue that is resonating in the hearts and minds of the American people? To learn more about the update and everything else we've added, check out the
full changelog at the bottom of the post.

Get The Political Machine 2016 now through Stardock or on Steam.

v1.2 Changelog:

  • Added "Ranked Multiplayer"

  • Added "Election Simulation Mode"

  • New "Brexit" random event

  • New issues: NASA Funding and Nationalism for use in campaigns

  • Added "Mike Pence" to candidate list

  • Tweek issues values

  • Added support for Campaign mode DLC

  • Player can no longer access the  Options Screen during the "Choose running mate" screen as this led to strange behaviors.

  • Fixed issue where CTRL+S key combo saves game every frame if the keys are held down. Now only saves once the key combo has been pressed and released.

  • Fixed issue with the candidate selection screen not displaying correctly if you ping-ponged between single and multiplayer game screens.

  • Fixed some problems with awarding multiple clipboard-style operatives to the same player at the same time.

  • Fixed issue with candidate details window called from MP for opponent when you are the peer on the mp setup screen.

  • Fixed issue with multiple options windows queueing up whenever you hold down escape.

  • The candidate details window will no longer (rarely) refers to you as the opponent.  

  • The options window "OK" button will no longer get itself confused with similar button from the "Are You Sure You Want To Retire" dialog?

  • The polling data window no longer shows weird numbers and symbols under certain circumstances and data combinations.