Dev Journal

The Political Machine 2020 #5: One for the Gipper

This week’s update to the Political Machine adds Ronald Reagan.  He’s the first candidate that includes a scoring handicap which means that your score is modified slightly because he’s a bit easier to win with than other candidates. [read more]

Dev Journal

Political Machine 2020 #4

The next update to The Political Machine will be including mod support to Steam Workshop.  Specifically, we are going to let people make their own ideologies and share them with others.  We include quite a few in the game.    We will be uploading [read more]

Dev Journal

Political Machine 2020 #3: A Walk-through

Today let's do a quick walk-through of The Political Machine 2020.  This will include what's new from previous editions as well as a discussion of the underlying simulation. When creating a candidate you have a finite # of points to use to figure out what your candidate's strengths... [read more]

Dev Journal

The Political Machine 2020 #2: Evil ideologies

The biggest, most game changing feature of The Political Machine 2020 are the ideology trees.  Each candidate can have their own ideology tree which makes Bernie Sanders play quite a bit differently than say Joe Biden. [read more]

Dev Journal

Simulating the 2020 Election in Political Machine 2020

One of the options in the game is to simulate the election cycle.  The player just chooses two candidates and sees how they do.  Now, you won’t get the exact result every time, but it’s fun to see how a given candidate will do if run [read more]

Dev Journal

Political Machine 2020 #1: Being Pete Buttigieg

The Political Machine is a strategy/simulation game. What has made it so popular over the years is that while it is a game, it has a pretty serious and robust simulation running behind it.  Most of the data is collected from a wide array census results, surveys and demographic research.  [read more]

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