WXYZ Detroit Interviews Stardock

Plymouth company's 'The Political Machine' game lets you run a presidential campaign By Sarah Michals PLYMOUTH, Mich. (WXYZ) — Plymouth-based software development and game company Stardock is launching a 2024 version of its computer game "The Political Machine." In the locally-made game, players are asked to stretch their political strategy muscles, playing as real-life presidential candidates vying for the White House. Game creators tell us that in past elections, t... [read more]


NOW OUT: The Presidential Pioneers v1.01 Update for The Political Machine 2024

The Presidential Pioneers v1.01 Update brings New Candidates, Mac Support, and Game Quality Improvements Today we released a significant update for their strategy game, The Political Machine 2024. This update introduces an array of past presidential candidates, extends compatibility to macOS, and implements various bug fixes and balance adjustments. Buy Now   |  View Changelog New Faces in the Political Arena The latest update enriches the game's roster with ... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #6: Candidate Call - The Political Machine 2024

Thank you for everyone who’s supported us since we released on May 2nd! Just because we released doesn’t mean the updates are over though! We have been seeing your feedback and are addressing points from it as we speak. We’d like to use this space again to show what’s coming up on our update on May 16th! First off we want to say we have heard the requests to add more candidates. In response, we have been working hard to return a handful of candidates from previous iterations back into the fra... [read more]


Stardock Releases The Political Machine 2024

New political strategy game puts players in this year’s race for the White House   Buy from  Steam   | Buy from Stardock Stardock Entertainment released The Political Machine 2024 , the newest edition of its popular political strategy game series today. The game allows players to step into the shoes of presidential candidates , including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Bill Clinton and countless other candidates from history, or create ... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #5: Declaration of Independents - The Political Machine 2024

With the full release of The Political Machine 2024 on May 2nd, we’d like to use this space as an opportunity to tease what’s coming up on release! We understand we’ve been missing a key player in this presidential election cycle and we wanted to be sure he was in for release. We’ll be introducing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the fray! His introduction also comes with a new deck that we’re introducing - the Independent deck! Without revealing too much, some of the new cards introduced i... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #4: What's The Issue? - The Political Machine 2024

The Political Machine launches May 2, 2024 The past couple weeks we’ve been talking through the major features introduced for The Political Machine 2024. With all the new major features covered, we wanted to now highlight an important part of the process in developing this series every 4 years, issue updates! First we figure out nationally what are the generalized current top issues as a basis of understanding. We do this by looking at a good number of national research polls and news ou... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #3: Open to Debate - The Political Machine 2024

In The Political Machine 2024, we wanted to make a feature to focus on one of the highlights of the presidential election cycle, debates! Presidential debates are televised events where candidates vying for the presidency discuss their stance on policies and engage in discourse. The selection of states for debates typically considers factors such as their political importance, demographics, and geographic spread to ensure broad representation and impact. I am playing as Marianne Williamso... [read more]

Stardock Entertainment Announcements

Crains Detroit Business Interviews Stardock

'We're the most famous company you've never heard of': A conversation with Michigan's oldest video game developer By Anna Fifelski Brad Wardell, 52, founded Stardock Corp. in 1991 as an undergraduate student at Western Michigan University. Decades later, it is the largest software and video game development company in Michigan. Later this year, Stardock will release the fourth version of its simulation game, The Political Machine, as well as an expansion for Galactic C... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #2: Primary Focus - The Political Machine 2024

In The Political Machine 2024, we wanted to challenge ourselves by including a new game mode outside of Presidential by introducing Primaries! The United States primaries are a series of state-level elections held by political parties to select candidates for the general election. It may not get as much attention as the general election, but is a significant part to shaping how the general election looks like. Especially with how the 2024 primaries season is shaping up today, we wanted to give ... [read more]

Dev Journal

Dev Journal #1: PAC It Up - The Political Machine 2024

There’s a lot of overhaul and attention that we wanted to give to this iteration of The Political Machine series. From updating the art to modernizing issues, we’ve also made it a goal to innovate what we could do with the mechanics of game to keep things fresh and interesting. This brings us to one of the new systems we’ve introduced: the Political Action Card system or PACs for short! Why did we name them PACs? If the abbreviation looks familiar, it’s because it is - PACs in terms of the US... [read more]

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