What do you think of my policies if I were President of United States and etc? (Share your policies too)

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017

(WARNING: Some of these may be conspiracy theories to you but that's fine. I call it "truth". That's all)

It would be:

My stance on Executive Orders: I like the idea of Executive Order so I barely disagree with Ron Paul. I know it's unconstitutional but I feel like I'll use the Executive Order as my last resort if there is no option left including passing the bills by Congress.

My role in Politics: I would be strict constitutionalist so I would read every bills created by the House of Representatives and the Senate from my desk. If it's unconstitutional or violate the rights of others, I would veto the bill. If it's constitutional and does not violate the rights of others, I would sign a bill. I would defend the Constitution against all enemies: foreign and domestic including the elite bankers. So I want to make our founding fathers happy by using some of these policies. We should defend the Bill of Rights. I strongly opposed to big government. If we want government and medicare or whatever, It's proper to do it at the states but there is no authority in the Constitution to do so much like no authority to run over schools, economy and individual liberties in our personal lives and I would be the champion for the Constitution, children and children with disabilities so I would be one of the statesman who would be the champion for the Constitution, children and children with the disabilities.

Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist foreign policy - I have to be honest with you. We bombed the Middle East such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia for 10+ years and it was based on lies and war propaganda in order to serve special interest. I am one of the biggest critics for foreign policy thanks to Ron Paul. Mind our own business, We would still retain diplomacy. We should avoid all wars and avoid entangling alliances unless it is for directed self-defense. We should NOT police the world. There are many troops who died over interventionist foreign policy.

Economic Policy: In order to improve the economy, We should low taxes. We should end the Federal Reserve because it was corrupt and unconstitutional and the IRS and income tax because they are guilty for stealing taxpayer's money. We should implement gold standard, silver standard and debt-free money to improve economy and create jobs because that would instantly recover the economy.

Military Policy: We should watch out for the military industrial complex, Bring our troops home, defend this country and spend defense spending NOT military spending. I am one of the biggest critics for today's military policy.

Climate Change Policy: We should NOT use regulations and ban chem trails too as Chem trails is the real cause of Climate Change so I'll say ban Chem Trails and Geoengineering the sky but deregulate it and use carbon tax. They should pay in their own way. Be responsible for their owns and be personally liable for the consequences of those actions. It can be hard to do with externalities. The tragedy of the commons can be tricky so they might need to clear property rights.

Equality policy: We should condemn racism and accept people no matter what skin, color and ethnicity including European-Americans by tolerance, diversity and individual liberty.

Education Policy: They should get a good education and free education. They should educate children to be virtuous. However, the Federal Government has NO Authority to hold states "accountable" for their education performance according to the Constitution.

For special education - Get them enrolled to the program and get the support they need.

Drug Policy: Legalize medical marijuana, I opposed drugs because drugs corrupted their minds so Illegal drugs are still banned and ban illegal drug trade but I opposed War on Drugs because War on Drugs are total failure so legalizing it would get rid of drug cartels and illegal drug trade.

Gun Policy: I believe in 100% gun rights for law-abiding people to use their guns for protection not revenge. Gun control for the gangs and give the guns to law-abiding people to use their guns for protection not revenge.

Immigration Policy: I could get legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and refugees for their path to citizenship BUT I would oppose massive illegal immigration and third world immigration invasion because they would destroy America just like in Europe because European people would become minority in their own country. My solution is for the massive illegal immigration, I would open borders for anyone who had their visas and closed borders for everyone who had no visas.

Trade Policy: I personally put a balance between fair trade and free trade.

Job Policy: We should protect American jobs, American companies and American industries from going overseas if they don't want to. If they want to go overseas, then go ahead for them because I don't tell people what to do.

Healthcare Policy: Free-market healthcare would be the solution for healthcare and I wouldn't tell people what to do.

Terrorism Policy: The War on Terror is total failure. We should win against terrorism but only if we listen to the people who attacked us. Same as Foreign Policy and Military Policy.

Pardoning Government Whistle blowers (dead and alive conspiracy theorists included and optional):

Milton William Cooper - I know he's dead but honestly, if he was alive today. I would totally pardon William Cooper because he's exposing the truth with irrefutable evidence using his documents and I would hire him to my administration for Attorney General if he was alive. By the way, William Cooper predicted 9/11 and other things accurately and exposes controlled opposition like Alex Jones. (For your information, William Cooper was the conspiracy theorist who was shortwave broadcaster)

Edward Snowden - This guy is a hero for me for exposing CIA and their war crimes.

Julian Assange - This guy is also my hero for exposing Hillary Clinton.

Seth Rich - This guy was also my hero for being Wiki-Leaks hero.

People you think need to jail (Politicians included and optional):

Hillary Clinton - She should be in jailed for what she had done to some women, Benghazi attack and using her private emails.

Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan Families - Honestly, They should be jailed for what they done secretly to the world.

Corrupt and Divisive Politicians - Honestly, I don't like corrupt and divisive politicians.

Alex Jones - He's controlled opposition. He doesn't want to win against the secret societies and Rothschild bankers and got the money from his shadow masters behind the scenes. He is only there to create noises but not WIN! So I think he's a traitor to America and should be in jail for being controlled opposition.

Repealing policies, leave organization, trades and buildings (optional):

The PATRIOT Act - The Patriotism is NOT the government would tell you what to do, The true patriot would repeal the PATRIOT Act. So I would repeal the PATRIOT Act.

CIA - I think the CIA is created to assassinate American citizens including our President: John F. Kennedy. I feel bad for Harry Truman because I think he was forced to create CIA. Thanks to Edward Snowden, CIA was exposed for their war crimes. So I would repeal the CIA.

United Nations and NATO - I have to be honest with you, I don't like United Nations and NATO. Because I personally believe they are created to advance a hidden agenda. So I would leave United Nations and NATO. But if my people want me to cooperate with United Nations and NATO then I'll cooperate for my people.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: I hate this trade deal so I wanted to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership because it destroyed jobs, free trade and fair trade.

TSA - Honestly, The TSA groped many people. I know they do their job but it would be sacrifice our rights. So I would repeal TSA.

NSA - I would repeal the NSA because they violate the rights of others via surveillance and police state which I don't like it. That's why I would repeal the NSA.

What political party am I and why?

Democrat or Republican: (You can use some of my policies)

Libertarian, Green or any 3rd parties: (Same as Democrat or Republican)

What type of president am I:

If you have agreement or disagreement with my policies, why?

And would you vote for me for President and why?

P.S: Share your policies too.

That's all.