The politics of looting

Posted on Sunday, August 25, 2019

I was reading a forum discussion regarding a car shop owner who lost his temper with a customer and berated them (hurled a bunch of profanity at them). The customer filed a suit against them for emotional distress. I couldn’t find a link to verify if this is even a real lawsuit but the discussion itself was illuminating.

One of the participants said that they hope that the car shop owner “gets taken to the cleaners”.

Really? This is the society these people want to see? Someone being mean to you is not a lottery ticket.  Thankfully, our system doesn’t work that way. At least not yet.

Obviously this hits home for me since I’ve had to deal with hyper-entitled people over the years who think because they’re the customer that they have an unlimited license to be abusive.  I could imagine some ticked off banned forum user one day suing us for “emotional distress” and finding plenty of people who hoped that they “took us to the cleaners”.