Educational Use?

Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I am interested in using your product in the classroom for a semester-long course simulation in a college classroom . 

1. Can the game be multi-player interactive? For example, is there an option for students to play one another or is it with the computer only? 
2. Alternatively, are students ONLY able to select to be a candidate or can they also play the role of interest groups or media...or even state electorate?
3. Is this game something that is a short simulation or can it be drawn out over the course of 16 weeks?
4. Is the outcome predetermined? For example, will Sanders always win NH or will it depend on how the student makes decisions?
5. If the class is composed of 20 students, will the instructor have to set rules for each of the 20 students or can it be done just once for everyone? The department will be purchasing software for the students -- is it possible to purchase in 'bulk'?