Is it possible to win as "Massive Comet"?

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hey all!

I'm curious if anybody's devised a winning strategy for "Massive Comet." I somehow got it in my head that I wanted to beat Trump as every single Democratic candidate--and, of course, it only counts if I play at the highest difficulty setting ("Masochistic"). I won as all of the human candidates and had only "Massive Comet" left.

On my first attempt, I lost in a landslide: 386-152. It seems the only states I could pick up were liberal states who would rather vote for a Massive Comet than Donald Trump!

So, then I got curious and did an AI vs. AI game of Donald Trump vs. Massive Comet. In that game, the AI playing Massive Comet lost literally all 50 states!

This makes me wonder: is it even possible to win as Massive Comet if you're playing against Donald Trump at the highest difficulty setting ("Masochistic")?

Let me know/put me out of my misery!