Fictional Candidates

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Wouldn't it be nice if they included fictional candidates with ideology trees?

Here are a few examples from West Wing, House of Cards, Commander In Chief, and VEEP.


West Wing

Senator Arnold Vinick Classical Liberal California Republicanism

President Josiah Edward Bartlet West Wing Intellectual Liberalism

Congressman Matt Santos Texan Progressivism

Vice President John Hoynes Modern Southern Democrat

Governor Robert Richie Southern Republican Conservative?

President Owen Lassiter California Conservatism

Chief of Staff Claudia Jean Cregg Strong Humanitarian Interventionism



House of Cards

President Francis Underwood Populist Opportunist Psycho

President Claire Hale Underwood Progressive Cynic

Governor William Conway Classical New York Republicanism

Mark Usher Corporate Republican Machine Operator


Commander In Chief

President Mackenzie Allen Compassionate Moderate

Nathan Templeton Conservative Republican?



Selina Meyer Liberal Scatter Brain Opportunist

Haven’t finished VEEP yet.

Haven’t watched Madam Secretary yet.