v1.0 The Political Machine Release Changelog

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you all for your continued support and participation in the playtest period. Your feedback and suggestions have been crucial in shaping the game and its future plans.

Below is the v1.0 changelog detailing the day 1 changes you'll find in the game. We look forward to hearing your continued feedback and thoughts as we introduce what we believe to be the strongest TPM entry so far.


  • Added Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

  • Added new cards and 1 new deck – Independent 

  • Added ability for custom candidates to identify as Independent 

  • Added custom candidate Steam Workshop support 

  • Added achievement support 

  • Improved AI difficulty and decision making 


  • NEW – Added Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

    • Setup as an Independent candidate – Independent candidates can play as either Republican or Democrat in Primaries and Presidential game modes. 

Deck Updates 

  • NEW - Added the Independent deck 

    • Automatically assigned to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

New Political Action Cards 

  • Independent Deck 

    • Anti-Partisan Activist – cost: 3 

      • Increase Issue Score from Independents by 50% in Target State. 

    • Erin “Danger” Vandul – cost: 3 

      • Gain support from the shock jock Erin "Danger" Vandul. Increases Enthusiasm in all States by 2%. 

    • Disillusioned Supporter – cost: 3 

      • Play in Target State. Whenever a Candidate makes a Speech or creates an Ad in that State, gain 2 Political Capital. 

    • Build Forward – cost: 6 

      • Seek endorsement from Build Forward, a pro Infrastructure Funding group, in target State. Increases Enthusiasm in all States by 2%.Political Action Card Balance Changes and Bug Fixes 

    • Fair Medication Alliance – cost: 6 

      • Seek endorsement from the Fair Medication Alliance, a pro Lowering Drug Prices group, in target State. Increases Enthusiasm in all States by 2%. 

    • Stable Prices Network – cost: 6 

      • Seek endorsement from the Stable Prices Network, a pro Addressing Inflation group, in target State. Increases Enthusiasm in all States by 2%. 

    • Tax Relief Initiative – cost: 6 

      • Seek endorsement from the Tax Relief Initiative, a pro Individual Tax Cuts group, in target State. Increases Enthusiasm in all States by 2%. 

    • Form A New Party – cost: 9 

      • Place in target state. If active at the end of the next turn, gain +15% Enthusiasm in All States. 

    • Scrutinize Connections – cost: 4 

      • Target Opponent cannot play Political Action Cards for the next 2 turns, but gains 2 Political Capital 

    • Seek Out Favors – cost: 3 

      • Draw 2 Political Action Cards. 

    • Spoiler – cost: 7 

      • Place in Target State. Decrease Issue Score from Democrats and Republicans by 30% for all Candidates Nationwide. 

Political Action Card Balance Changes and Bug Fixes 

  • Grassroots Donations 

    • Added effect that it gives +2% Enthusiasm from current state and each adjacent state. 

  • Virtual Townhall Moderator 

    • Ensured card effect in state states the card played and the effect at the end of every turn. 

  • Abortion Decrease 

    • Revised title and description of card to align with the name of the issue and that it applies reduces of stance on Abortion 

Custom Candidates 

  • Added ability to upload and download custom candidates on the Steam Workshop. 

  • Added ability to identify custom candidates as Independent 

  • Added functionality to view selected deck of cards in custom candidate editor. 

  • Added new Bobblehead parts 

    • Body 

      • Gamer 

      • Biker 

      • Armor 

    • Hat 

      • Biker 

    • Facial Hair 

      • Bushy 

      • Goatee 

      • Mutton 

      • Garibaldi 

      • Bandholz 

  • Fixed bug where typing large color values resulted in bright light 

  • Fixed bug where “Crown” hat was not showing up on the list 


  • Added 21 achievements with various objectives 

Gameplay adjustments and Quality of Life improvements 

  • General 

    • Improved AI difficulty, speed, and decision making 

    • Resolved desyncs between games where certain game data was not reset 

    • Added informational tooltips for Zagby Polls, Candidate Info, and Assets 

    • Fixed resolved caucus states from changing polling color 

    • Fixed AI decision-making in debates to align more with their stances 

  • Multiplayer 

    • Re-implemented multiplayer inviting 

    • Fixed bobblehead placement on state overlapping